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B.Sc.(Nursing) | G.N.M.

  • In our Institutes, separate hostel for Boys and Girls are available. The Institute provides homely environment, educatonal and better accomodation to all students. We are trying and focus to provide healthy, delicious and high quality food.
    • Rules & Reglations :
      • Students will be finally alotted place in Hostel after an admission procedure is completed.
      • It is copulsory for all studens to submit there parent and local guardian's photographs during admission process.
      • Outgoing is allowed on every 1st and 3rd Saturday and Home pass will be given to student for one day(Last Sunday) of the Month.
      • Parents / Local guardians are allowed to meet students only on Sunday and no outsider, relatives, friends is allowed in hostel. It is strictly prohibited.
      • For any leave, the students will have to seek written pemission of the Principal and they have to submit medical unfit certificate at the time of joining hostel and college.
      • Hostellers are strictly instructed to obey warden instructions as well as hostel rules and regulations from time to time.
      • No outsider, relatives, friends is allowedin hostel. It is strictly prohibited.
      • Necessary discplinary actions will be taken in case of any misconduct / in discplinary act.
      • Ragging of any sort is a criminal offence; any student found guilty of the same will be handed over to the district police authority for necessary actions.