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Aadarsh Nursing Institute

B.Sc.(Nursing) | G.N.M.

  • Opportunities In Nursing:

    1. Teaching in Nursing Institutions - as a Tutor, Clinical Instructor, Lecturer, Associated Professor, Professor, Principal.
    2. Clinical Nursing
    3. Industrial Nursing
    4. Community Nursing
    5. School Health Services
    6. Nursing Administrative Serices
    7. Nurse Clinicians, Independent Nurse practitioner
    8. Research opportunities & higher studies i.e. M.Sc (N), M.Phil, Ph.D.

    Health and Education are two aspects that are the basic needs of any civilized society.

    With increase in population we need many more nurses to serve sick and unwell. At present we do not have enough qualified nurses who are actually serving to patients in India. Only renounced institutes have sufficient well trained nursing staff leaving a large number of hospitals and nursing homes being served by those who are skilled but may not be qualified.

    In abroad, demand for trained nurses is also likely to increase. In India, especially from South India, trained nurses move to abroad and deliver their nursing services. That's why demand for nurses is increasing day by day in our country.

    Along with the satisfaction & spiritual gain by services to sick, handicapped & dependent persons are a prominent medium of employment at present and in years to go.