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Aadarsh Mahavidyalaya

P.G.D.C.A. | D.C.A. | B.Com. (Comp) | B.Sc. (Maths) | B.Sc. (Bio) | B.Sc. (CS) | B.Ed.

  • The prosperity of India and the well-being of all Indians lie in the hands of our students. Hence, it is a matter of prime importance that our students should be well educated. They should be groomed as responsible, dutiful and efficient citizens. It is with these objectives that Aadarsh Mahavidyalaya aims to impart education to the students so that our nation becomes properous and a happy place to live in. Along with it, we endeavor to pay special attention to girl students to make them self dependent and at par with boys to walk side by side with them in every walk of life.

    The Mahavidyalaya has well qualified and dedicated mentoms for students, adequate infrastructure and a good learning environment.

    We hope that with our effort and contribution India will grow as a rich and powerful nation.

    Aadarsh Mahavidyalaya

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